Writing sites that pay you well

Writing sites that pay you well


There are a lot of sites that you can do ghost writing for, that means your names will not publish with the article. If you have to pay bills you can earn something here for that.

So I set out to do some research and find places you can write for that will pay you a flat fee for your work while also giving you credit for it.

Here’s the list:

About.com – From the website, “Guides write books, are interviewed by the press, serve on panels at trade events and establish a variety of professional contacts because of their work at About.com.”

Article Document – Byline option is there, build your work portfolio.

Break Studios – very rarely they hire, but they do offer you a byline. Try and see if they hire you may have a chance.

IndieMade – You will get your profile with a picture on the IndieMade contributor’s page.

Kill Screen – Gaming site open to feature articles and reviews.


How Stuff Works – If you are accepted as a contributor for How Stuff Works, your name will go on your articles and you will have a short bio listed on their author page.

Make Use Of – Every article you write has your name on it and will link back to your profile page, complete with a bio and list of other articles you’ve written for them.

iWorkWell – From the website, “Do a handful and we’ll post your bio on the iWorkwell Expertspage — linked to every article you co-author, and optimized so you’ll be easily found on search engines and get your name out there as an expert.”

Demand Media – Your name goes on all the articles you write. Clicking on your name (at least on Ehow, one of Demand’s properties) opens up a box with a paragraph bio.

Internet Brands – If you are accepted as a writer for any of Internet Brand’s properties, your name and a short bio will appear at the bottom of each article you write.

LifeTips – Promote yourself as a LifeTips Guru and watch your success and income grow. They also have a book deal opportunity with your name on the book, although it appears LifeTips will own rights to it.

LovetoKnow – Every article you write has your name at the top. Clicking your name leads to your detailed “About Me” page.



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