Get Paid For Your Photos


Have you ever thought that you can actually make a living as an amateur photographer with just stock images?
Try these sites
Big Stock Photo -Here you will pay 30% of the US dollar price as your images is downloaded by a customer.
123 Royalty Free – Make a profit from your original uploaded photgraphs taken by you. They will be purchased from clients of 123 Royalty Free and you will receive 60% of the sale price.
Can Stock Photo – You will earn a commission every time any of your images have been downloaded. Additionally, you will earn $5 USD if you refer another photographer to them.

Alamy – Get 50 percent of the sale price from any photos you sell.
Dreamstime – Get 25 to 60% commission for each sale you make with your stock images . Anyone can sign up, even thwe photos are not very quality photos.
CreStock – For every image you upload, you will earn royalties.
Deposit Photo – They will pay you depending on your author level.
Photo Spin – Every time one of your photos is downloaded, you will earn 50% commission.
Feature Pics – Feature pics pays 70% commission on each photo of yours that is uploaded.
Shutterstock – Earnings are $0.25 to $28.00 per image download and it’s also free to contribute. Here you can get your work seen by high quality buyers.
Shutter Point – This is a Full Royalty Free License for 85%. For Standard Royalty Free, it’s 75%.
Image Vortex – Licensed. You can easily sell your images through the image vortex community.
Fotolia – You will receive a royalty payout for every photo you sell. This is based on your ranking and portfolio exclusivity.
iStock Photo – The base royalty rate for istock photo is 15% and that’s for each file that’s downloaded. Exclusive contributors can earn up to 45%.
Foap – You can make money by Selling images from your iPhone photos and foap splits the profits with you. They pay through Paypal once per month, but only if you request a cash out.
Paid Pictures – You need to send them at least seven pictures for them to review. They will begin sending you assignments, if they like your photos.
Demand Media – Demand Media are always hiring freelance photographers and you can work basically anywhere you choose. They pay you twice a week through PayPal.
Airbnb – Hires freelance photographers from all over the world but If they hire you, you’ll be able to just cover your local area.
Virtual Tours USA – They hire mainly in the US and you must be have experience. Must have own transportation, all equipment, and a computer or a laptop.
Look Better Online – Look better online is looking for dating type photos. If they like them, they will call you. It may take a while, so just be patient.
Dealer Imaging – Sometimes they have opportunities for freelance photo editors, and there’s no photo editing experience necessary. You will sometimes see photography jobs posted on their site, but these are usually for specific locations only.
Obeo– Obeo has many openings frequently for either experienced or non-experienced photographers to take pictures of homes for sale.
Snapwire – This is a freelance site for mobile photographers. Try and see.


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