Safe Online Banking

Now a days people around the world are very much interest in online banking methods. Its is the easiest way to work with a bank being at home without going to the bank. I too enjoy this method.

But always keep in your mind these following tips:-

1. Avoid public computers or WiFi
It is not safe. Fraudsters may set up fraud connections and get your data. Use your home Computer or your mobile phone network. Otherwise someone may access to your information.

2. Keep your computer secured:
Keep your computer secured with a pass word. Run your Antivirus software up to date. Check your firewall is on. When you logging to your bank site see the padlock symbol is there, then you can make sure that you are logging to a secured site.

3. Keep your passwords Safe:
You have to remember your passwords always. Therefore you should have a good password which you can remember easily. But don’t use your children’s names, pet names, phone numbers, birth dates as passwords. Please don’t use one password for many sites. Keep different password for each bank site.

4. Phishing Scams:
Fraudsters sends messages to your email asking to verify your details by clicking a link. Please do not click any link which comes to your email. Fraudsters create a web page just like bank web site to get your logging information and details.

5. Check your Account:
Check your Account regularly. See all the transactions and the balances are okay if not please don’t wast your time call your bank and inquire about it.
Fraudsters trying for a smaller amount first then only if it is not observed they go for a big amount.

6. Mobile Banking:
If you do your bank transactions by mobile other than your home computer. Keep your mobile to your self. Don’t leave it here and there. Always protect your mobile with a PIN.

7. Apps:
Use the bank’s official app always. Do not download Bank apps from unofficial app stores.




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