Paid to Read


Paid to Read

Paid to read is very popular among online earners. Paid to read site owners are paying for reading their ads after we became a member of the site. Most of these sites give membership free of charge. Paid to Read (PTR) or paid email sites paying their members to read emails. Normally if you are an active member you will get 5 to 20 emails a day, depending on the site and their advertisers.  Normally PTR rate is very low. If you can spend a few hours a day you can earn $1 to $20 a day. Remember when signing up with these sites you have to have a gmail account as the site normally asking you to sign up with a gmail account. Keep your personal email separate from those signed up email account, as you will get many emails from them.


After signing up with the PTR site you have to just search around the site and see what they offers you. Many PTR sites having PTC programs inside it. There are paid ads and nonpaying ads too, therefore if you need to save your time you can click only the paid ads and view those.  Paid to click (PTC) section you will find many ads which will pay you for clicking and reading.


You can earn better than PTC from PTR sites. Your earnings will depend on your hard work and the time you are spending on the site. Some sites are paying after you reach $50 or more but always recommend you to join the sites which will pay minimum amount to cash out. These sites usually paying you through the payment processors of Paypal, Alertpay, and e-gold accounts.


List of Good PTR Sites:


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